EPSON scanner imageBen Blatt is an author and statistician. His first book, co-written with Eric Brewster, is I Don’t Care if We Never Get Back, which follows the duo’s quest to go on the mathematically optimal baseball road trip, traveling 20,000 miles to a game in all thirty ballparks in thirty days without planes.

Blatt’s second book, Nabokov’s Favorite Word is Mauveis a playful and informative look at what the numbers have to say about our favorite authors and their classic books. Do men and women write differently? Are bestsellers getting dumber over time? Which writer uses the most clichés? What makes a great opening sentence? How can we judge a book by its cover? Using a database of thousands of books, the book attempts (with humor) to answer these questions of art with data.

He is a former staff writer for Slate magazine. His work used data to cover pop-culture topics ranging from Wheel of Fortune to Seinfeld to fantasy football. Blatt’s work has been featured The Wall Street Journal, The Boston GlobeDeadspin, and NPR.

Blatt is a former member of The Harvard Lampoon humor magazine. A selection of his work from the magazine is feature in The Best of the Harvard Lampoon.

In college Blatt was a member of The Harvard Sports Analysis Collective and blogged on their club website regularly. He has consulted for the analytics department of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Blatt is equally proud of everything he has ever written, except this very bland and self-promoting ABOUT section which is mostly devoid of any humor, but at the same time a necessary evil.

Ben Blatt is a graduate of Harvard College with a degree in Applied Mathematics.